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Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice if you want the longest-lasting floors. The ideal species and installation can ensure these floors last more than 100 years. But they also offer other incredible benefits you're sure to love as long as your floors are in place. Beauty can come from species type, stain color, and more. You can customize these floors for fantastic results that match existing decor. But you can also build around your new look with impressive results.

Enjoy visuals that match any decor

The beauty of wood floors gives you the perfect match for any decor. Customize your floors with options like species, stain color, textured finish, and more. But these are only a few ways your floors cater to your need. Flooring installations like chevron and herringbone also give you another visual layer. But they can also add stability to any space, adding to an already long lifespan. We'll show you everything you have to gain for your interior design needs.

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Durability is essential for your hardwood flooring

Both solid and engineered wood flooring are durable choices for every homeowner. It starts with the best species for your needs. The more active your household, the harder the species should be to meet that need. A professional installation and regular care go a long way to ensure the lifespan. They'll look great and perform well, giving you years without noticeable wear. But when wear happens, you'll be able to refinish the surface for a like-new look.

The best installation and more

A professional installation always begins with the acclimation process. This brings humidity levels to a standard level so that your wood floors are not be damaged. The process takes one to three days and is necessary for floors of all kinds. Once your hardwood flooring is in place, they are easy to care for and clean. And for a bit of extra protection, you can use rugs and runners in high-traffic areas. Engineered wood flooring even protects you from some damp and humid areas.
Hardwood flooring in Shallotte, NC from Shoreline Flooring & Tile

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